Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sending images for publicity

In an earlier email I sent instructions for sending me hi-res photos of your box when it is complete to be used for publicity. Unfortunately, the service I'm using has been having issues and I'm not receiving the issues. So, here are revised instructions for sending images:

Submissions should include:
2-3 jpeg images of your box - one overall view and 1-2 details (300dpi,
ca.4x5 inches).

Please send gallery quality images
without any background clutter or descriptive text. The images you send will be used for exhibition publicity. Include an info sheet (word/rtf/xcel doc) about your piece with a material list, title, and anything else you want to share about the project/process, a resume (pdf or word), artist’s statement and contact information (including website url if you have one).
Label each image file with artists’ last name, title of piece, with a letter or number as needed. Title text files
files with artists’ last name plus description, such as
lastname statement, lastname resume etc.

For environmental reasons, I prefer works be submitted via emailing It is easiest if
you send one compressed document containing all of your files. Send the files to this email address:
with subject line
It is helpful if you also send
me a separate email letting me know you’ve sent files.

I will accept CD’s sent to
Abecedarian, 910 Santa Fe #101, Denver, CO 80204
CD’s will not be returned - they will be recycled.

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