Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photos of the boxes - and artist statements!

Here are two boxes and statements from the Denver Common Box show. To see more click here.


Melissa Rick
Sough, in the Wood - This box has been sold

Sough, in the Wood, was inspired from the music as I heard it and from the idea of this collaborative project. I filled my empty box with materials from both these influences and began the process of elimination, which is often the way my work evolves. The elements and ideas are restricted and reduced to follow just a single thread, in order to simplify, make bare, single. As the box progressed it was clear I had settled into one song, In the Wood, and would finish there. It’s always a mix of what is coming in and what is already there.


Gabrilla Trujillo - Just a Picture of Elvis and the Holy Bible - $270
Because John Common’s music focuses on human emotion, I wanted to do a box that described a strong emotion. I found that loneliness was a common theme in many of his songs, and wanted to show loneliness manifested in a shadow box. Dilapidated trailer parks and mobile homes scream loneliness, so a cut away model of a mobile home was created.