Thursday, January 29, 2009

About the New Record...

The New Record

As I sit here writing this today, January 28, 2009, my new record is in process. I haven’t even named it yet. It’s a collection of 24 or so songs that we are in various stages of recording. Some songs are very big sounding. Some are very small. These songs were written, for the most part, since my last record (Why Bird Fly, released in 2007). I’ve learned that I never fully know what a song or a record is about until after it’s finished, so I hesitate to go too deeply into that… plus, I tend to get a little superstitious. I’d rather let you decide for yourself.

If you decide to participate, we’ll be sending you an “artist kit” that will contain audio from the new record, lyrics, images and other materials intended to give you a sense of what the record is all about and where it’s coming from.

But here is a loose description:

It's going to be one of those records that has plenty of space. Plenty of room. Live and loose but still purposeful. It’s the kind of record you can put on and just let it breathe in the background as you do your thing, because it’s not screaming for your attention. Lots of feel and tone. The sound of 6 musicians having an unhurried conversation with each other. But then you can dig in and start peeling it back and the lyrics, emotions, ideas, images, themes will emerge and keep feeding you.

Some themes: hope in the face of loss, loneliness versus solitude, love that works, love that doesn’t work, late night honesty, scars that make us stronger, age versus wisdom, staying open when things are dark and strange, and the existence / nonexistence of god.

You know… the light stuff. ☺

I dunno. I never really know how a record is going to turn out. There’s a lot of faith and hope and blind luck involved. But this record and this band are the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of.


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