Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Basic Idea...

Take 65 artists from across the region (country?), 65 simple wooden boxes, and the nuts and bolts of a new record by an indie songwriter and then mix it all together in a beautiful collaboration called the Common Box Project.

Here's the basic idea:
  1. John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light are in the studio right now, finishing a new record.
  2. Alicia Bailey is an artist and gallery owner (Abecedarian Gallery) whose recent assemblage box art inspired them both with an idea...
  3. A mixed media collaboration with artists of all types to create 65 unique pieces of assemblage box art that are inspired and/or informed by the new record.
  4. A call is going out to artists from across the region (and country) to see who is interested in joining in this collaborative box art project.
  5. 65 boxes have been crafted by artist/woodworker Nicolas Willert. Each box has been designed to hold a copy of the new CD (a secret place in the back of the box).
  6. Each artist who is chosen to participate in the Common Box Project will be shipped a raw box and an artist kit containing materials related to the new John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light record intended to inspire/inform the artwork (audio, lyrics, images, stories, etc).
  7. Each artist will then ship their completed assemblage box art piece to Abecedarian Gallery by late June. Each box will also hold a copy of the new record.
  8. The Common Box Project listening party for the new record will be held Saturday, July 18, 7-10pm. Artists, fans, friends and press will all be invited.
  9. Proceeds of each piece are split evenly between the gallery, the artist and the band.
  10. Cool, huh???

How To Participate:

If YOU are interested email Alicia Bailey at

If YOU KNOW AN ARTIST who might be interested, please forward them a link to this blog/website:

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  1. i so just sent her an email telling her that i'm interested.